Have You Ever Thought about Going Back to Your High school?

I often imagine going back to my middle or high school because I have a lot of good memories during that period. When I look back upon my student days, I usually miss wearing school uniform that I used to wear because it doesn’t make me to get stress with clothing and having a good time with my friends. For example, when spring season comes every year, I used to go to a picnic under the cherry blossoms and fireworks. That would unforgettable memories to me.

One day, one of my friends recommended me a film, “17 Again,” that was directed by Burr Steers and also features Matthew Perry who acts as a 37 year old Mike, Zac Efron who acts 17 year old Mike, and etc. It is about an old man, Mike, gets an accident unexpectedly, and he becomes a 17 year old high school student.


At first, he didn’t believe himself that he become an young boy, and he starts to enjoy an 17year old life as the other students do such as playing basketball. Even though he is an teenage boy, he keeps care about his daughter and his son in same school.  By the way, his son has been bullied by other students, and his daughter has a bad boyfriend who is such a casanova. So, Mike gets upset at this situation because it is totally different unlike his thoughts about the children. At last, he realizes then for the first time how his family is important to him, and he regrets all his fault that he did not care about the family.


I want to keep talk about the plot  but I guess there are people who did not watch the film and they may not want to know the ending of the film. If you did not watch the film, check it out how Mike gets back his harmonious family from many obstacles.  This movie was really fun than I expected.  This film, I definitely recommend you guys!! And, the funnies part was that when Mike’s friend talks with his girlfriend in alien words. It laughed so much. Lol  Words: 359


(An Extra Credit Blog)A Lecture of “Charles Dickens: the Man Behind the Novels” by Lucinda Dickens Hawksley

I have recently watched a lecture of Lucinda Dickens Haksley who is a descendant of Charles Dickens in Fine Arts hall at 7p.m. on March 26, 2015. She came here to tell us about her book, “Charles Dickens,” written in observance of Dickens’ 200th birthday in 2012. Charles Dickens is a English writer who is regarded as the greatest novelist of the Victorian era, and his famous novels are Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, and etc. When I was a little girl, I have only read Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. Even though I don’t remember what the story was about exactly, I remember that was great, and he is an great novelist. So, I got interested participating in Mrs. Hawksley’s lecture in Fine Arts Hall not only for extra credit but also to know information about Charles Dickens’ background story.

the photo was taken by my i phone
the photo was taken by my i phone

When Mrs. Hawksley begins her story about her ancestor , “Charles Dickens,” everybody paid attention on her beautiful voice that has an English accent. The story starts with John Dickens who is a father of Charles Dickens. His father had no enough money to support his family, so he had to go to a prison. For his father’s imprisonment, Charles Dickens  had hard childhood life. Since he was young, he quit his school and started to work to help his family. Later, he could go back to a school and his father’s debts were paid off. However, he had to go to work again. Since this turning point of his life, his writing career started. he started to write reporting on newspaper and later then he started to write books. After that, he married with Catherine and they have 10 children later. There were more interesting information about himself ,his works, his children, and his death. It’s really long story and I really got into that story of Lucinda Dickens Hawksley. She made the story very interesting with some of image slides. Her lecture was about an hour, but I enjoyed her lecture. If there’s more similar lectures about famous novelists’, I would love to participate in again.

FullSizeRender (1)
the photo was taken by my phone

If you guys want to know more his biography, here is a link.  Also, here is Mrs. Lucinda’s website if you want to know what she wrote about. There are a lot of interesting information of her novels. Don’t miss it to check out. Moreover, I actually recorded her lecture by my phone. Although the sound makes echoing when she talks, I have it. If you are interested in, I can send it to your email. It’s about over one hour.  Words: 437

A one-act play “Surprise” acted by high-school students

I am recently interested in plays that I have not experienced watching a lot yet because I am learning what is a play and how it is set by now in English class. Especially, a one-act play assignment is given to me and my group that we will make a script of a play and will act a play, and that also made me to find some fun short play which is under ten minutes to learn as a study guide to make a script of our group’s. The one that I found is also one-act play that is called “Surprise” which is written by Mark Harvey Levine. If you guys want to know about his information, click this. It will lead you to his blog.


The play that I found was acted by students of Spalding high school in Youtube. The plot is that a protagonist, Peter, have an ability that others don’t have; that is, psychic that he can see or know someone’s future that is going to happen very soon. However, her girlfriend who is antagonist doesn’t like it because he always say or do something that she is going to do before she does. She always say sharply in high tone. So, she goes insane and feels sick of her life being with him. After she leaves him alone, Peter faces with something good in his life at the end of the play. I want you to watch this video too. You then will understand what it is about before it is .

This is such an fun play, isn’t it? Such the entire play takes place in a single location and unfolds as one continuous action. So people can feel sympathy for characters in the play easily. I felt sympathy for Peter because when he argues wit his girlfriend, he seems love her more than her does. When he cares about her, “she was too good for me,” he looks a nice guy. I would like to create such an good script of a play, but I am not sure my group can make it. I think the setting is limited in the one-act play compared to full length of play though, and it has own good advantages to compose the setting. Some of props in “Surprise” are simple like table, chair, and glasses of cups.


If you want more one act play, here is another play. check this out! This one is longer than the play, Surprise. But it’s good! I liked it.

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Writing a Poem Assignment “The Starbucks Sonnet”

Finally, one of the major assignment of English class is finished today. I am relieving now. Writing a poem was not as easy as the last assignment of writing a short story to me. My knowledge of English words are so narrow so that finding words that make same sounds like rhyme scheme was the most difficult part for me.  It took so long to have right words for connection between my lines of my poem, and it was inspired from a poem “The Facebook Sonnet” written by Sherman Alexie. If you want more information about the original poem, click here. My poem’s title is ” The Starbucks Sonnet.” My poem is English sonnet that is organized into three quatrains and a couplet, and it is also fixed form that follows a designated model such as fourteen lines. However, I am sorry that I can’t show you my poem in four separated stanzas because this blog doesn’t have any way for editing paragraph like Microsoft Office Word. Nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoy this. I already explained more details about my poem in an assignment paper so I don’t want to repeat this. Let me introduce my poem with a bit of explanation and my thoughts.

Welcome to the paradise of sleep deprived zombies. (It is a metaphor that represents Starbucks’ customers who need a lot of coffees to wake up)

Welcome to the fancy studying and meeting room

With variety of sugary caffeine. (Another metaphor line that represents Starbucks)

Let’s start studying, flirting, and interviewing at ( I used informal diction because not only to follow original poem but also to get familiar tone with readers)

Night. Why can’t we just study at home or the school library

Instead of just walking in to turn our ears on someone else’s gossip? ( Actually, I wanted to ask myself why I don’t focus on studying even though I brought my backpack there like people in the place as the line saying)

Let’s sit, get it and take a sip. Let’s all have veins that have (Feminine rhyme scheme is used.)

Blood flow of caffeine.

Those zombies who want to be fed gather together. Let them

Go insane, and obtain insomnia. Let one search

For his or her outlet on the wall.

Let the outlet collect laptop chargers.

Let’s meet up, tweet new menu, and stay awake all night

Here at the place of coffee addicts.

Rest of my poem has similar repetition as I did in first stanza. I wanted to put humorous subjects as much as I want. I’m afraid this poem is a poor effort. I hope my poem shows imagery too. Thank you for reading my poem with a bit of explanation.


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“Dracula Untold” review

A lot of Dracula movies have been released since the original horror novel “Dracula” by Bram Stoker was introduced. If you guys haven’t watched latest version of vampire movies and if you are so bored, I recommend this film “Dracula Untold.”  “Dracula Untold” that I recently watched is a dark fantasy action horror film. Although it was not scary film, it has fabulous visual scenes that were used by such the computer graphics. This review includes spoiler. If you guys don’t like to know the story of this film, I want you to ask just watch this film first!! :))


Luke Evans who acted as a character called Vlad who is a lord of a small kingdom was threatened by Turks because they want 1000 young boys in Vlad’s kingdom and his son too to conquer the world. However, as soon as Vlad finds out great power from a real vampire living in a cave, he fight against the army of Turks. After several battles with Turks’ army, he protects his kingdom with loss of his wife and his close people at last.


When I choose a rental DVD from the Redbox, I usually choose a DVD either that has cool poster image or something that the story looks nice. In this case, both of them moved my mind to make my decision to get this film. I like action, horror, fantasy genre of movies so I really excited to watch this film because the film has all of the genres. I liked watching the film overall such as the story, visual things, and the actor’s performance. Before you guys watch this, I want you to say do not expect too much about this film. I think if I took serious consideration in coherence between other action horror movies, the historical facts in the movie, and other things while watching movie, I would be disappointed with the movie. I am criticizing this movie though. This is good action movie for killing time!! 🙂

Enjoy guys!

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A song that encourages me, “I Will Survive”

I have been forgetting a song that “I Will Survive” sung by Gloria Gaynor even though it is my one of favorite songs that I inspired by a Korean singer’s cover song. Happily, I had a chance to hear the song in ENC class recently. I haven’t heard that song for the long time because the song was forgotten from my memory. It is one of  cover songs that is sung by a Korean singer who is called Jin-ju that I inspired at the first time.  So, it was forgotten as I grew older.

This video is about a Korean singer Jin-ju’s cover of “I Will Survive.” Even though she sang in Korean, most of the lyrics are similar as the original song of Gloria Gaynor. So I hope you guys enjoy watching the video that I really like to sing at Karaoke that used to stress out from my mind.


That song’s whole lyrics is here at this link. Especially, I like this part of the song’s lyrics.

“And I grew strong. And I learned how to get along”

and this part

“No, not I, I will survive
Long as I know how to love
I know I’ll stay alive
I’ve got all my life to live
And all my love to give and I’ll survive
I, I, I will survive”
In this lyrics, she lose her ex-boyfriend, but she gets strength by losing him after then. So, it means that she will get over as if it is nothing to deal with it. However, I like this song because I lost a someone who I used to love. It gives me courages and cheers me up to overcome anything that I am struggling with. That is how I am feeling as I listen to the song. Why don’t you guys join me to sing this song?

Here are more cover songs of I Will Survive. Try to listen this songs too!    Glee, Chantay Savage, The Pussycat Dolls,  and Cake


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My favorite children’s film, “Matilda,” in my childhood

Many children like a character who seems like a hero in a movie, a tv show, or a book such as Superman, Batman, Peter pan and etc. Little girls like kind of princess story. However, I was the one of the children who used to dream about being a hero in my childhood and I pretty much liked watching children’s movies. I know, kids these days want to be Elsa in an animation,”Frozen,”that has beautiful princesses and have a magic that can make an ice castle.  In my case, I dreamed about being Matilda when I was a little girl. Yes, it’s the Matilda who have magic and is a smart girl in the movie, “Matilda,” who starred Mara Willson as a main character.


I really like the little girl “Matilda,” although she, Mara Wilson, is now an adult. she is my one of favorite actress who bravely overwhelmed her life in the movie life and her real life. In the movie, her birth parents behave mean to her strangely, and they looked like caring and loving only their son. Matilda felt lonely, so she often went to a library to find fun in variety books.


So, she became to love reading many books, and she overwhelmed conflicts with her principal, and parents with her smart wit and help with her hidden magic that can move objects. For example, horrible principal’s harassment in her school, meeting sweet teacher who will adopt her later are all that she goes over through the movie, so she can go to her school and she can read a lot of books as much as she wants.


This movie finishes happily. As I was a child, I envied her magic, and I believed that I will also have such the magic someday if I sleep over few more days and be a good girl. The actress, Mara Wilson, who starred as the Matilda had been trough hard time because her mother passed away as soon as she films the movie. That is the reason why she left this acting pathway. I loved her so much so I was so sorry for that she quit the working as an actress since the Matilda. I sometimes imagine what if I had the story in my life as the Matilda’s life in the film or the Mara Wilson’s real life. I would be horrified to take over all the conflicts to a little girl; however, the Mara wilson said that the experience of filming the Matilda did help her to overcome her sorrow of her loss of mother at her young age. I still love the movie, and like the actress of Matilda and the character, “Matilda.”  I think I will not ever have this kind of film in my life again that gives courage to little weak kids like me who used to be.


Here are the links about the film, “Matilda” and Mara Wilson’s interview for her news.   Words: 500