A Journey to Osaka in Japan

I believe that there are no people who don’t wish to trip abroad in their life when they have a chance. Planning on a trip to other countries may be thrilled just to think about it because it has so much things to expect for fun. For these people who wish to travel in the future, I would like to recommend a city which is called Osaka in Japan that was my first overseas trip when I was a high school student. I have a story about my first trip to Japan. My high school made alliance with another high school in Osaka that worked like that Japanese students visited to my country, South Korea at first, and then my friends and I were invited to go to their country. To be more specific, the invited students include me stayed with a home-stay family overnight, visited a historic sites and Universal Studio in Japan, ate their own traditional foods, and had a free time for having fun. Everything was amazing because I have seen and experienced a lot of things I will never forget in my life although there were similar culture as many as my culture has. That is why I wanna share with you guys that I experienced.

I posted simply with a few pictures and brief description. So, if you wanna know more information about what I posted, click the pictures and blue words that will link you to websites for more description.

  1. First thing is that to visit a famous historical castle called Osaka castle(click this word for more info.).
Osaka Castle which is a magnificent palace. http://extendcreative.com/osaka-castle-the-legendary-palace-of-osaka-japan/

2. Japan’s oldest temple, Shiten’no-ji Temple, is a second historical place that I recommend to visit in Osaka. Even though you are not a believer in Buddhism, you will be amazed with wonderful sight. You know what,  you will ever see a lot of little living turtles in a lake in the temple.

Shitennoji Temple view http://www.expedia.com/Shitennoji-Temple-Osaka.d502158.Vacation-Attraction
living turtles. http://onebitejapan.com/what-are-the-turtles-looking-at/
A place to wash your hands or drink water. http://battera.co/sightseeing/i00068/

3.  If you like Sauna or taking a bath, try something fresh Japanese style, HOT SPRING!!!! It is really good for relaxing and stay calm your mind to blow your stress. There are many more information about Japanese hot spring which is called Onsen(click this) in this link like benefits and tips for enjoying the various Onsen.

Onsen in a guest house. http://japan-magazine.jnto.go.jp/en/amusing_201011_insight.html
Japanese hot spring, “Onsen.” http://www.flickr.com/photos/graph/3289166661/
A Japanese monkey in hotspring. http://www.flickr.com/photos/graph/3289166661/
hot spring. http://en.japantravel.com/view/kurokawa-onsen

4. While you are in traveling, the most important thing is eating the food of the region. If you are not a picky eater, I believe you will love these foods. Let’s have a look what are famous in Osaka, Japan. Here is  a blog that introduces Osaka foods, ” 10 Foods You Must Try in Osaka“, “Osaka Food Guide.” Did you look up the foods? What do you think? Do you think you can try all of them? If you have only tried Sushi, how about trying street food?  The problem is that they are all so yummy!!!! So you may not stop eating. I still have a place that I want to introduce you; for example, a district of Dotonbori in Osaka where has a lot of restaurants. I attached a Youtube video. Check our for foods in Dotonbori district. 

 Link for the Youtube video

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One thought on “A Journey to Osaka in Japan

  1. i would really like to travel abroad and study for school,i think japan is a beautiful country and i am sure the food is just as good. i am a big food enthusiast and love traveling and experiencing new things.


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