What if our life can be easier with one clicker? review of a film, “Click”

If I can control my life with one clicker, it would make a life a lot easier for me and my people. Sometimes, I wish that it could be happened to me that sudden appear of  a universal almighty remote control when I messed up something. Life isn’t that easy and many people may not sure that to know about their way of life what they are doing is right or not. A film called “Click” which Adam Sandler starred and produced made me think of my past life. Most films that Adam Sandler starred are hilarious though. This movie, the Click, reflected on not only my life but also modern people who are in busy life.

Click Poster http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Click_%282006_film%29

Adam Sandler who is an architect is hard to have a time for his family because the work is the most important to him. His life isn’t as easy as he wanted such as his optimal goal, the promotion until he get a “universal”remote control. He didn’t do his role well as a daddy, a husband, and a son because he didn’t take care his family as much as his wife and his kids did. Many people think they hate their boring life, running around in circles every day. Getting off the work treadmill for life’s merry-go-round is great for them who think it is boring.


He probably wanted to escape the office treadmill so he took all the benefits of the universal remote control like fast-forwarding, skipping chapters, and turning the volume down that he doesn’t want to hear. It was really good and useful at first, but I thought this one may have disadvantages or any bad effects for using that one constantly. In the end, Adam Sandler’s life was ruined because of the negative effects for keep using that one as I thought. I also wanted to have the remote control while I watch the movie, however, after I saw his failed life,  I thought there’s no such thing that can substitute my life without my will. I want to recommend this film to people who are exhausted life at work or students who are studying without no specific aim. This film reminds me of some thoughts what I am living for, and how much my family is important. I believe that we all people can live better life without any mistakes that may hurt somebody later like Adam Sandler in the film without such the “universal” remote control.”



P.S. If you want to know more information about the film, click here.  Check out someone else’s review of the film. here’s the trailer



2 thoughts on “What if our life can be easier with one clicker? review of a film, “Click”

  1. I really like your post. I have seen the movie “Click” before but never really enjoyed it other then the few funny parts, but now you have me thinking about the deeper meaning to the movie and I think we can all learn a little something. Thank you.


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