My favorite children’s film, “Matilda,” in my childhood

Many children like a character who seems like a hero in a movie, a tv show, or a book such as Superman, Batman, Peter pan and etc. Little girls like kind of princess story. However, I was the one of the children who used to dream about being a hero in my childhood and I pretty much liked watching children’s movies. I know, kids these days want to be Elsa in an animation,”Frozen,”that has beautiful princesses and have a magic that can make an ice castle.  In my case, I dreamed about being Matilda when I was a little girl. Yes, it’s the Matilda who have magic and is a smart girl in the movie, “Matilda,” who starred Mara Willson as a main character.

I really like the little girl “Matilda,” although she, Mara Wilson, is now an adult. she is my one of favorite actress who bravely overwhelmed her life in the movie life and her real life. In the movie, her birth parents behave mean to her strangely, and they looked like caring and loving only their son. Matilda felt lonely, so she often went to a library to find fun in variety books.

So, she became to love reading many books, and she overwhelmed conflicts with her principal, and parents with her smart wit and help with her hidden magic that can move objects. For example, horrible principal’s harassment in her school, meeting sweet teacher who will adopt her later are all that she goes over through the movie, so she can go to her school and she can read a lot of books as much as she wants.

This movie finishes happily. As I was a child, I envied her magic, and I believed that I will also have such the magic someday if I sleep over few more days and be a good girl. The actress, Mara Wilson, who starred as the Matilda had been trough hard time because her mother passed away as soon as she films the movie. That is the reason why she left this acting pathway. I loved her so much so I was so sorry for that she quit the working as an actress since the Matilda. I sometimes imagine what if I had the story in my life as the Matilda’s life in the film or the Mara Wilson’s real life. I would be horrified to take over all the conflicts to a little girl; however, the Mara wilson said that the experience of filming the Matilda did help her to overcome her sorrow of her loss of mother at her young age. I still love the movie, and like the actress of Matilda and the character, “Matilda.”  I think I will not ever have this kind of film in my life again that gives courage to little weak kids like me who used to be.

Here are the links about the film, “Matilda” and Mara Wilson’s interview for her news.   Words: 500


One thought on “My favorite children’s film, “Matilda,” in my childhood

  1. I love Matilda also and it was a cute movie. I actually have a little cousin that looks just like Matilda and I always call her “Matilda” and she has never watched it so she has no idea why I call her that!

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