“Dracula Untold” review

A lot of Dracula movies have been released since the original horror novel “Dracula” by Bram Stoker was introduced. If you guys haven’t watched latest version of vampire movies and if you are so bored, I recommend this film “Dracula Untold.”  “Dracula Untold” that I recently watched is a dark fantasy action horror film. Although it was not scary film, it has fabulous visual scenes that were used by such the computer graphics. This review includes spoiler. If you guys don’t like to know the story of this film, I want you to ask just watch this film first!! :))


Luke Evans who acted as a character called Vlad who is a lord of a small kingdom was threatened by Turks because they want 1000 young boys in Vlad’s kingdom and his son too to conquer the world. However, as soon as Vlad finds out great power from a real vampire living in a cave, he fight against the army of Turks. After several battles with Turks’ army, he protects his kingdom with loss of his wife and his close people at last.


When I choose a rental DVD from the Redbox, I usually choose a DVD either that has cool poster image or something that the story looks nice. In this case, both of them moved my mind to make my decision to get this film. I like action, horror, fantasy genre of movies so I really excited to watch this film because the film has all of the genres. I liked watching the film overall such as the story, visual things, and the actor’s performance. Before you guys watch this, I want you to say do not expect too much about this film. I think if I took serious consideration in coherence between other action horror movies, the historical facts in the movie, and other things while watching movie, I would be disappointed with the movie. I am criticizing this movie though. This is good action movie for killing time!! 🙂

Enjoy guys!

Words: 336


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