Writing a Poem Assignment “The Starbucks Sonnet”

Finally, one of the major assignment of English class is finished today. I am relieving now. Writing a poem was not as easy as the last assignment of writing a short story to me. My knowledge of English words are so narrow so that finding words that make same sounds like rhyme scheme was the most difficult part for me.  It took so long to have right words for connection between my lines of my poem, and it was inspired from a poem “The Facebook Sonnet” written by Sherman Alexie. If you want more information about the original poem, click here. My poem’s title is ” The Starbucks Sonnet.” My poem is English sonnet that is organized into three quatrains and a couplet, and it is also fixed form that follows a designated model such as fourteen lines. However, I am sorry that I can’t show you my poem in four separated stanzas because this blog doesn’t have any way for editing paragraph like Microsoft Office Word. Nevertheless, I hope you guys enjoy this. I already explained more details about my poem in an assignment paper so I don’t want to repeat this. Let me introduce my poem with a bit of explanation and my thoughts.

Welcome to the paradise of sleep deprived zombies. (It is a metaphor that represents Starbucks’ customers who need a lot of coffees to wake up)

Welcome to the fancy studying and meeting room

With variety of sugary caffeine. (Another metaphor line that represents Starbucks)

Let’s start studying, flirting, and interviewing at ( I used informal diction because not only to follow original poem but also to get familiar tone with readers)

Night. Why can’t we just study at home or the school library

Instead of just walking in to turn our ears on someone else’s gossip? ( Actually, I wanted to ask myself why I don’t focus on studying even though I brought my backpack there like people in the place as the line saying)

Let’s sit, get it and take a sip. Let’s all have veins that have (Feminine rhyme scheme is used.)

Blood flow of caffeine.

Those zombies who want to be fed gather together. Let them

Go insane, and obtain insomnia. Let one search

For his or her outlet on the wall.

Let the outlet collect laptop chargers.

Let’s meet up, tweet new menu, and stay awake all night

Here at the place of coffee addicts.

Rest of my poem has similar repetition as I did in first stanza. I wanted to put humorous subjects as much as I want. I’m afraid this poem is a poor effort. I hope my poem shows imagery too. Thank you for reading my poem with a bit of explanation.


Words Count: 451


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