A one-act play “Surprise” acted by high-school students

I am recently interested in plays that I have not experienced watching a lot yet because I am learning what is a play and how it is set by now in English class. Especially, a one-act play assignment is given to me and my group that we will make a script of a play and will act a play, and that also made me to find some fun short play which is under ten minutes to learn as a study guide to make a script of our group’s. The one that I found is also one-act play that is called “Surprise” which is written by Mark Harvey Levine. If you guys want to know about his information, click this. It will lead you to his blog.


The play that I found was acted by students of Spalding high school in Youtube. The plot is that a protagonist, Peter, have an ability that others don’t have; that is, psychic that he can see or know someone’s future that is going to happen very soon. However, her girlfriend who is antagonist doesn’t like it because he always say or do something that she is going to do before she does. She always say sharply in high tone. So, she goes insane and feels sick of her life being with him. After she leaves him alone, Peter faces with something good in his life at the end of the play. I want you to watch this video too. You then will understand what it is about before it is .

This is such an fun play, isn’t it? Such the entire play takes place in a single location and unfolds as one continuous action. So people can feel sympathy for characters in the play easily. I felt sympathy for Peter because when he argues wit his girlfriend, he seems love her more than her does. When he cares about her, “she was too good for me,” he looks a nice guy. I would like to create such an good script of a play, but I am not sure my group can make it. I think the setting is limited in the one-act play compared to full length of play though, and it has own good advantages to compose the setting. Some of props in “Surprise” are simple like table, chair, and glasses of cups.


If you want more one act play, here is another play. check this out! This one is longer than the play, Surprise. But it’s good! I liked it.

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