Have You Ever Thought about Going Back to Your High school?

I often imagine going back to my middle or high school because I have a lot of good memories during that period. When I look back upon my student days, I usually miss wearing school uniform that I used to wear because it doesn’t make me to get stress with clothing and having a good time with my friends. For example, when spring season comes every year, I used to go to a picnic under the cherry blossoms and fireworks. That would unforgettable memories to me.

One day, one of my friends recommended me a film, “17 Again,” that was directed by Burr Steers and also features Matthew Perry who acts as a 37 year old Mike, Zac Efron who acts 17 year old Mike, and etc. It is about an old man, Mike, gets an accident unexpectedly, and he becomes a 17 year old high school student.


At first, he didn’t believe himself that he become an young boy, and he starts to enjoy an 17year old life as the other students do such as playing basketball. Even though he is an teenage boy, he keeps care about his daughter and his son in same school.  By the way, his son has been bullied by other students, and his daughter has a bad boyfriend who is such a casanova. So, Mike gets upset at this situation because it is totally different unlike his thoughts about the children. At last, he realizes then for the first time how his family is important to him, and he regrets all his fault that he did not care about the family.


I want to keep talk about the plot  but I guess there are people who did not watch the film and they may not want to know the ending of the film. If you did not watch the film, check it out how Mike gets back his harmonious family from many obstacles.  This movie was really fun than I expected.  This film, I definitely recommend you guys!! And, the funnies part was that when Mike’s friend talks with his girlfriend in alien words. It laughed so much. Lol  Words: 359


2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Thought about Going Back to Your High school?

  1. I always think about going back to high school but just to visit. I wouldn’t want to be back there doing the work and having to deal with half of my class mates. But cool post. Keep it up.

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